I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Special Education and spent the early years of my career path working with families of children with a wide variety of developmental and physical needs, providing 1:1 and small group support. Over time my career shifted to servicing families whose children were on the autism spectrum or who were experiencing behaviour challenges and I went on to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. I have been working in the field of autism and family behaviour support for over 22 years with children ranging from under 1 to 22 years of age. I have a vast amount of experience designing intensive treatment programs, addressing problem behaviours in the home and school settings, and providing direction and coaching as it relates to early childhood development to families and community partners. In addition to direct treatment design, delivery and coaching, I also provide community based training and education, school consultation and have been a speaker throughout BC.

My approach is driven by evidence-based research and approaches rooted in science with emphasis on utilizing the principals of applied behaviour analysis in designing and implementing strategies. My focus is on working closely with families and community partners to help establish collaborative working relationships. I am rooted in working from a family-centred style, operating as part of a team with all members to build up each individual’s potential through strengthening members’ knowledge and skills. I recognize the vast amount of questions and challenges families experience on a daily basis and how overwhelming it can be to navigate the amount of parenting advice that is out there to access on your own. As someone who has had years of experience working with a variety of needs with children I appreciate that traditional approaches do not always meet the needs of every child, particularly those with more complex neurological difficulties. Therefore, I am dedicated to designing and supporting families with individualized strategies that are specific for each child and their unique ways of learning and engaging and providing families the tools needed to navigate parenthood, all while unitizing the principals of applied behaviour analysis.

In addition to my busy work life I am also married to a wonderful man and together we are raising a beautiful and energetic toddler. As a parent myself I can relate to the many stressors and challenges families meet daily and how important it is for families to be heard and have strategies that they feel they can manage. Together I strive to create informative and supportive plans for your needs and provide you with the strategies needed to reach your family goals.