Neurodivergent can include; Autism, ADHD, ODD, etc.. My focus in the work I do utilizing behavioural principals with neurodivergent children is to build a supportive, value based plan of intervention that considers the goals of the child and their family.  Utilizing evidence-based strategies rooted in the science of behaviour, acceptance commitment training , naturalistic developmental approaches and play.  I formulate goals and measurable steps to reach them.

Support is offered 4 ways:

*direct 1:1 teaching with your child

*parent coaching

*guidance and training and feedback in education setting

*training and supervision to behaviour interventionists in the home / school settings

Families are encouraged to contact me directly for a more detailed breakdown of what on-going support looks like and costs associated.

Families are able to pay privately for these services or use Autism Funding (AFU) if eligible within the province of BC, Canada.