Behaviour consultation may include either an in-person or over the phone initial consultation and can be coupled with video footage to assess the needs and functions behind the behaviour in question. A consult often includes speaking directly with parents and direct observation of your child and family interacting together. Some strategies and direct coaching will be provided during this time as well as in a subsequent plan outlining the ‘WHY’ and recommended STRATEGIES. Goals are designed to be met based on multiple coaching sessions and 2 phone call booster (15 minutes each) will be provided during the month of consultation in addition to unlimited emails between sessions.

Behaviours may include but are not limited to: tantrums, difficulty with transitions, aggression towards self and others, difficulty with focus and attending to task / routine, organization and planning, toileting, personal care, refusal to comply, difficulty with appropriate play and interactions with peers and specific skill teaching.

It is encouraged that families access at least one follow up visit, if not more, to support meeting the goals outlined in the report.