As someone who is a well established and sought after speaker and trainer I am passionate about helping children’s voices be heard and adults develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding and connection with the children in their lives. My workshops and presentations focus on participants developing an understanding for the anchors children seek and how to bridge these understandings into more positive and meaningful connections. By understanding the diverse ways children learn and engage and what is behind their complex behaviours parents, caregivers and education teams are then more equipped with how best to support the complex needs and build a supportive framework to engage and connect with children in.

I utilize story telling, a high energy and relatable evidence based strategies to help give participants and strong understanding of the topic and key take-aways they can apply right away.

Over the past 23 years I have had the chance to create many different workshops for both parents and educators that include:

  • Complex Behaviours In The Classroom
  • Neurodiversity and Parenting
  • Neurodiversity In The Classroom; Building Capacity For Inclusion
  • ADHD; Creating Strategies To Build Independence, Increase Participation and Increase Calm In The Classroom.
  • Autism; From Query, To Diagnosis, To Accessing Services
  • School Advocacy
  • ADHD and Executive Function
  • Parenting; Navigating Those Hard Moments
  • What Are The Anchors My Child Seeks
  • After School Eruptions; Tips For Parents
  • Why Is Yelling The Only Way My Child Listens

Want to learn more about these workshops and others I can offer, reach out and contact me at micheleshilvock@micheleshilvock

Client Feedback

Michele brought a lens that our team had
been missing in better understanding
diverse learners and how to support them
and our teams through challenging
behaviour moment
– Private School