• “Michele Shilvock has been a part of our autism journey, and our family, for more than 16 years. She came into our lives when our daughter was just 3.5 years old and has seen us through all the major milestones—preschool, the elementary and high school years (and every IEP), getting her first job, and her first 2 years of university. Our daughter is now 20 years old, and living away at school, and when she needs advice or support, she still reaches out to Michele.”
  • Michele Shilvock is extraordinary! She is an expert in the field of Autism with an innate sense of understanding the unique abilities of each child she works with. Michele will develop individualized programs to meet the specific needs of each child to help them succeed as well as programs based on parents and siblings needs to support the family.

    Michele began working with our son 11 years ago when he was diagnosed at the age of two. From the moment she walked in our door we knew we were in excellent hands. She not only works with our son but our whole family. We are a team! Michele comes with knowledge, instinct, innovation, compassion, support, patience and time. She is the full package. We have always felt that we were working together for the benefit of our son and our family. We shared the joy during success and progression and work together when challenges arise.

    Michele undoubtedly saved our son’s life and our family. We are so thankful.
    With Michele Shilvock as your guide through the world of Autism, you will be on the right path!

  • Michele has worked with our family for over 6 years, right from the time our oldest was diagnosed with asd. She has offered guidance and support for our son with autism both at home and in the school setting as well as providing parent coaching with our two younger children. Michele has always been professional, dependable and most of all honest with us every step of the way. She has been a great advocate for our son at school, always keeping on top of daily data and checking in with the team when needed. She has provided tools and techniques for my younger son to use in understanding his brother as well as challenging situations at school or with peers. Michele has a true passion for children and her experience shows in every interaction. We would, and have recommended Michele several times to other families, we are very grateful for her services with our family!